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This is somewhat unusual. I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of a meme, but that’s where someone starts a theme of some sort and other people adopt it and do the same thing for a day or two. Well, it seems I’ve created my own meme and this will be the 4th of my blogs to do it.

Make A Social Media Splash!

The plan is simple; write a post that gives information that hopefully the reader can digest in 2 minutes. Since I tend to write a lot that seemed difficult for me to do, but I’ve pulled it off 3 times so far, so let’s see what I can do for you here.

1. Create a blog so you can communicate often with the masses, which includes your potential customers.

2. Have at least a LinkedIn account, but it wouldn’t hurt to be on the other social media platforms.

3. Don’t always sell; be engaging here and there, at least 50% of the time.

4. Don’t say social media is worthless if you’ve never given it a try.

5. Be nice, even when you’ve got a gripe you want to get off your chest.

6. Every person is a potential customer or lead; remember that.

7. Nothing says you have to do it all in social media. Find what you feel comfortable and do just that.

8. However, you must be in social media; trust me, your competitors are.

9. If it didn’t work the way you thought it would it’s not anyone’s fault; when has anyone gotten everything right every time?

10. Be yourself; sometimes you only get one chance to impress people.

That’s it; enjoy the challenge!

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