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This is something different. I’ve created a video offering 5 tips on creating videos based on what I’ve learned over the past year in creating my own. Trust me, I’ve made some mistakes, mainly because I’ve been spending time trying to get used to the idea of making videos in the first place.

What’s different is that I’m running this video on two blogs at the same time, this one and my I’m Just Sharing blog. The reason is twofold. One, this video fits the topic for both blogs, and since I don’t make tons of videos I thought it was best to share on both of them. Two, because I’d like to see how many views I can get on this blog, and by putting it in two places I might be able to increase those views.

In my previous post here on adding video to your website I talked about how it could be a benefit to either your website or blog to help show people what you can do for them. Since that time, I’ve actually had people subscribe to my YouTube channel, something I never even considered before because, well, I’d never thought about it. This is something else you could look forward to if you have enough people that decide they like your video and thus want notification whenever you add more.

So with that, I present these tips to you, and hope you enjoy the video as well.


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