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I have a client who owns an accounting firm. With the things I’ve done for her, she has the highest ranked accounting website out of all the local accounting firms in town. Some of these firms are humongous, so I take great pride in that.

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However, one of the realities we have to deal with is that if one does a Google search for her she doesn’t come up until position #73 for her main term. How can that be?

In some fields, it can be a hard road to compete against companies that aren’t in your area and are also pretty large. The field of search engine optimization is one of those vocations where there’s a lot of people around the world who are doing the same type of thing. This website competes well for its particular search terms with other local companies that provide services. Yet, trying to compare for those words with every other business puts me at a great disadvantage.

What does it take, and how can we work our way further up the ladder? I’m going to offer 3 steps, some of which I’m also taking further.

1. Highlight your location better on your main page and in other places. I took a better look at my own main page of my website. I highlight that I’m located in the Syracuse area. However, I didn’t mention it in my title area, which I’ve now added.

2. Don’t include it in on every other page you do, but make sure to mention it in a couple other places. If you have at least 6 pages you should make sure to mention it somewhere on half of them. It doesn’t always have to be the main city. For instance, I list Syracuse on a couple of pages, while on another I list “central New York”.

3. I need to make sure to mention my locale more often in some of my blog posts; that shouldn’t be overly hard to do since I do have local clients. This is as important as it is to make sure I have consistent blog posts because it all helps to reinforce both what I do and where I am. And the higher one can go in local search, thus possibly driving more local traffic, it helps overall because more traffic in one place makes the search engines believe you’re more important and thus they’ll push you up higher in overall search results as well.

In the end, it’s all about marketing, and marketing is often about repetitiveness.

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