As the CEO of your company, you should get final approval of what your company’s website and web presence is going to look like. Let’s take a look at the main page of your website, shall we? Lotte Klaver via Compfight It looks nice, doesn’t it? You’re not paying a lot of money for anyone […]

At the beginning of the year I ended the accepting of guest posts on my finance blog. It was because of more than one reason, but one of those reasons stood out more than any other – the requests to remove links. Andrew Becraft via Compfight This one was irksome because one, I never asked […]

When I first found out about Google Analytics I thought it was the bee’s knees; does anyone say that anymore? It was a great tool to see all sorts of information, but from the standpoint of doing SEO you could do in and see the types of keywords people were finding your site for and […]

By now most people have heard the term “anchor link” or “anchor text link”. For those who haven’t, it means putting in a link where the words match up in some way with the words you’re trying to highlight. It’s like what you’re about to see me do in linking to the words search engine […]

There’s been a lot of talk lately about SEO, or search engine optimization. The general consensus is that the world is changing based on Google algorithms and that things many SEO specialists did in the past will no longer work. Angus via Compfight I both agree and disagree with that statement. If you were using […]

When Panda and Penguin updates from Google started wrecking havoc with a lot of websites, most people knew the culprits involved a lot of companies whose goals were to get backlinks at any cost for their client’s benefit. So when the sites that had those links started losing traffic, the sites whose links were on […]

Something a little different today. I’ve written 30 articles on this blog on SEO; not bad out of what will be 139 articles once this one is over. In my opinion, there are SEO ideas that can immediately help people and some that, while helpful, will take some time to get going, or even to […]