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A couple of weeks ago I was honored to be part of a collection of 33 bloggers who were interviewed and asked to give their opinion on how to encourage reader engagement in different spaces, not just blogging. Truth be told, I’ve been interviewed a number of times, and not just online. I’ve been on podcasts, video, and even a traditional radio program a couple of times. I’ve yet to be on TV; someone’s got good sense there. lol

Thomas Shahan (and a Salticid) on NBC's The Today Show!
Thomas Shahan via Compfight

People get scared when they think about having to give their opinion about something but truth be told, any time you get asked to give an interview, or if you can get someone to interview you, there’s nothing but good things that can come out of it. Well, let me take that back. If you’re a jerk or you don’t know what you’re talking about then you should probably stay away from it but I doubt anyone who reads this blog is a jerk; am I right?

Just as good is finding ways to interview other people and post them on your blog or website. I’ve done a lot of those over the years and I’m working on more for my other blogs; I may even try to get a couple for this blog. This works out for many reasons.

One, you don’t have to write anything except the initial questions; how hard could that be?

Two, any time you promote someone, they’ll go out of their way to promote you, even if it’s only that one post. Not only that but if they have friends, their friends will promote you as well.

Three, once an interview is online, it’s always there unless the person decides to call it a day and let their blog go. Sometimes it’s still online, as Google cache’s almost everything, and you can then repurpose it and put it on your own blog with no worries at all because, in actuality, it’s considered as nonexistent anywhere else.

This is another way to show your authority and expertise in more than one way. If you ask great questions you show that you had enough knowledge to do so; if you respond to questions in a good way, once again you show your knowledge. That’s a win-win no matter how you look at it. All it takes is some courage; you have that right? :-)

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