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I had a few articles on this blog regarding Facebook and business, and I still support that to a degree. However, things have drastically changed with Facebook to the degree that maybe having a specific Facebook page for your business might not be the best route to go.

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The problem is that Facebook changed up the game, to the point where these days it’s hard to get people to see anything you put on your page unless they’re either coming to the page because they definitely want to see it or you pay for the right to have more people see it, and even then you’re not guaranteed that it will go to all the people who subscribe to your page.

That pretty much stinks because these days it’s a major hit or miss as to whether you’ll get even 10 people to see what you put there or maybe close to a couple hundred, if you have that many people who have liked your page. In the past two weeks I’ve had a low of 8 and a high of 178, and the best I can determine as the driver is that as more people liked the second post it must have then popped up into more people’s streams and I got lucky. That first one got a couple of likes but didn’t take off. Other than that, no idea.

What to do? Well, there seems to be two choices. One is to create a Google group instead. Now this is dicey because you don’t really get to put any of your business stuff in it… at least not directly. Instead, you choose a topic, make the group public so people can find it if they’re interested in it, and off you go.

I have a group on Facebook for type II diabetics but I made it a closed group, which means people have to request admittance into the group. That’s because a public group can not only be seen by people who aren’t in the group, but you’ll have to deal with spammers putting things in your group that you don’t want to deal with. If you’ve created a group on your business topic and think there will be enough people who’ll join without making it public, then that’s the way to go. Or else you can have the group open for a while, get a certain number, then make it private. You can still invite people into the group if you want do, just like the business page, but without the advertising.

Or you can create a page on Google Plus that’s like a Facebook business page, or a community page, which is like a group on Facebook. I run a community on Google Plus called The Leadership Cafe where I talk about issues that are most pertinent to my main business. The thing about having something on Google Plus is that, other than some Facebook groups, your reach has the chance to be larger because, after all, Google is tops in search.

It doesn’t hurt any to max out all of these options but you might not have the time to run them all unless you hire someone to do it for you. I’m not someone who believes you create something and then not do anything with it, especially when you attach it to your business.

Just something to think about.

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